• Counting Games and Number Fun

    Expand your child’s fascination with numbers through games, building, moving and experimenting with all phases of math readiness and counting!

  • Gym Rats

    The students will utilize large motor skills while enjoying games and activities involving exercise on the mats, music, balance beams, balls, parachutes and additional ways to flex muscles!

  • Kindergarten Prep

    (4’s only) Through exciting reading and number fun activities, games, and projects, this class will reinforce and further develop your child’s emerging language arts and math kindergarten readiness skills. It features “ New Phonics - Kindergarten”, a program which makes learning to read and spell lots of fun by utilizing wonderful animal puppets for each letter of the alphabet, individual magnetic sound boards, and word play.

  • Literature and Cooking

    Explore stories by whipping up delicious snacks in the kitchen to delight your child’s taste buds. The children will enjoy fancy jam sandwiches for Bread and Jam for Frances, chilled berry delights for Blueberries for Sal and many other wonderful creations!

  • Music and Movement

    Do the Macarena and some classic folk dancing! Come and listen to some fun music and dance, dance, dance!

  • Scientist at Work

    Let your little Einstein come and explore their five senses through sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. They will experience everything from how a telephone works to how a volcano erupts and more! We love STEM!